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Map Campestre Los Colores

Map Campestre Los Colores Hotel

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Campestre Los Colores HotelCampestre Los Colores Hotel
The Los Colores Campestre Hotel Colombia is located close to Cañón del rio Claro Natural Reserve and to Magdalena river, in the centre of Colombia, surrounded by the famous tropical damp woods and within a 3 hour drive to Medelllin. This hotel is located close to Napoles de Pablo Escobar, so it is a perfect hotel for visiting Los Colores beach and enjoying nature.
The Los Colores Campestre Hotel is located 30 km away from Puerto Triunfo and Santander, and near the Caverna del Indio, the caverns of Nus river, Campo Alegre and La Mercedes area.


  • Hacienda NápolesIt is located 10.32km away from the hotel
  • Cañon del Rio Claro Natural ReserveIt is located 6.01km away from the hotel
  • Caverna de Guacharos el CondorIt is located 2.94km away from the hotel
  • DoradalIt is located 9.51km away from the hotel
  • Puerto TriunfoIt is located 19.91km away from the hotel
  • MedellinIt is located 91.02km away from the hotel
  • BogotaIt is located 169.36km away from the hotel
  • BucaramangaIt is located 228.64km away from the hotel


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